Activated Charcoal Powder, New Wellness Trend

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Activated Charcoal Powder, New Wellness Trend


A hot new wellness trend is activated charcoal.  It comes from coal and it’s used for almost everything.  People have had success whitening their teeth to hair treatments. It comes in powder form and capsule form.  Many believe that there are many wonderful benefits such as hangover remedy and flatulence prevention. But it’s a wonder powder and pill that you may just want to go out and get.


So when you heat charcoal with gas, it activates.  That “activation” means millions of tiny pores open up.  All those open pores are absorption sinks for just about any harmful substance.  Doctors often use carbon in emergency rooms to treat drug overdoses or poisoning.  It has the ability to trap and extract harmful stuff lurking in your system.


But people use it for many reasons.  They drink activated charcoal to cleanse the system.  This is usually in powder form and added to a high PH water. Yet many others use it to whiten their teeth.  The activated charcoal enthusiasts claim that the tooth powder can actually pull away toxins, as well as, removing annoying stains. But, the Journal of American Dental Association has explained that people should be cautious as these claims are unproven.

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Other people like to use activated charcoal on their hair.  The ability to draw impurities from the hair leaves you feeling fresh and lovely.  Your hair is often shinier. But most importantly people use it for gas reduction.  So that’s the pill form instead of the powder.  So it works at absorbing gas as well as eliminating toxins.

Be careful when using activated charcoal, as birth control is less effective in this case.  Be sure to make an informed decision.  Charcoal clearly has its uses.  But like everything, you should use moderation and consideration.


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