Abigail Pesta, Fake ‘Award-Winning’ Journalist Who Tells One-Sided Tales, Not The Truth

Abigail Pesta and Cosmopolitan were duped by the cocaine user Hanna Bouveng, and a twice convicted criminal James Chauvet.

Abigail Pesta and Cosmopolitan were duped by the cocaine user Hanna Bouveng and a twice-convicted criminal James Chauvet.

ABIGAIL PESTA claims to be an “award-winning journalist,” but Abigail Pesta not only has a fabricated bio but also completely lost her credibility by writing a racially motivated, one-sided account of an alleged lurid affair between the highly regarded Wall Street financier Benjamin Wey and one of his firm’s former interns, Hanna Bouveng.

Hanna Bouveng, an admitted cocaine user, is the granddaughter of the Swedish billionaire Nils Bouveng. Hanna Bouveng is a Swedish intern that spent six months in New York in early 2014 and was abruptly terminated after complaints about her cocaine use and nightclub activities surfaced. FBI report shows Hanna Bouveng was entangled with the notorious drug dealer James Chauvet, a nightclub promoter and a twice-convicted cocaine and illegal gun criminal. Searches of New York court records have also confirmed the lengthy criminal history of James Chauvet that involves multiple arrests, prison time and illegal drugs and gun dealings.

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Months after the confessed cocaine user Hanna Bouveng’s termination from a short internship, Bouveng suddenly alleged “sexual harassment” and sued the Wall Street honcho Benjamin Wey for an astonishing $850 million in “emotional suffering.” The apparent extortion was launched by a notorious Morelli Ratner law firm, a tiny outfit headed by a midget lawyer named David Ratner and assisted by Martha McBrayer. David Rather has a track record of committing fraud and manufacturing court evidence. Research shows David Ratner was sued for committing massive bank fraud against City National Bank. Martha McBrayer is a lesbian lawyer who was sued for sexual harassment by the tiny law firm’s paralegal. On Aug. 25, 2015, a New York federal court ruled that David Ratner, Morelli Ratner law firm, Benedict Morelli, Martha McBrayer were liable for millions of dollars in court sanctions due to their bogus lawsuit against a Texas company Lapolla Industries. The court ruling against Daivd Ratner, the shady Morelli Ratner law firm and Martha McBrayer is one of the largest court sanctions against lawyers in the recent history. The federal court rule is here: Morelli Ratner law firm, David Ratner, face multimillion dollar court sanctions for fraud

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The as-told-to account appeared online this month authored by Abigail Pesta and is a feature piece in the September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. The article was the latest in the series of sensational tabloid stories about the successful financier Benjamin Wey’s supposed “sexual harassment” of Hanna Bouveng that followed a two-week trial in Manhattan federal court earlier this summer.

“The cocaine-user Hanna Bouveng changed her story at least six times in court and the jury has firmly rejected the Hanna Bouveng extortion scheme.” 

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Benjamin Wey vehemently claims no wrongdoing and testified as such in court and a jury agreed. A Manhattan jury firmly rejected allegations of sexual assault and retaliation claimed by the Swedish party animal Hanna Bouveng — who is an admitted cocaine user that kept the company of criminals, namely nightclub promoter/cocaine and gun dealer James Chauvet. The jury thought the billion-dollar company CEO could perhaps contribute some dollars to the public and as a matter of compromise, the jury awarded money for defamation.

“It was a victory for Benjamin Wey as well as a careless decision by a sleepy jury. The jury verdict relating to defamation claims is totally unconstitutional and it will get substantially reduced if not completely removed,” says a legal expert with a global law firm. Benjamin Wey is represented by lawyers from Dentons, the largest law firm in the world with an army of more than 6,000 lawyers. Wey’s appeal to the trial judge is led by Glenn Colton, a legendary prosecutor with a long track record of winning complex cases.

Despite public records that clearly show the appeal by Wey to the court, Abigail Pesta turned “blind eyes” to those basic facts. Sources have detailed that Benjamin Wey’s lawyers spoke with Abigail Pesta and the publisher of Cosmopolitan and were under the impression that his side of the story would be included in the published piece. It was not; only the cocaine user Hanna Bouveng’s account was.

Benjamin Wey, a financier and an investigative journalist and the publisher of TheBlot Magazine, has responded by vowing to bring legal action against Abigail Pesta and the Hearst Corporation, the parent company of Cosmopolitan. Hearst is a U.S.-based multinational mass-media group that is headquartered at Hearst Tower in Midtown Manhattan.

Abigail Pesta calls herself a “journalist.”  She has made a living as a freelance writer for various news outlets. Abigail Pesta’s “award winning,” however, is bogus. Sources say Abigail Pesta’s so-called “award winning” was given to Abigail Pesta only because she had consumed more tomato sauce than anyone else did at an all-you-can-eat eating competition. It had nothing with journalism.

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With all these industry experience, Abigail Pesta should have known better than to publish only one side of the account, considering that she had access to many public-record legal documents and depositions connected to the trial that disputed Hanna Bouveng’s account of alleged sexual harassment, which was never proven in court. The cocaine user Hanna Bouveng changed her stories at least six times in court.


On the basis of the First Amendment, Benjamin Wey believes in his cause because it requires that the government cannot restrict freedom of speech. The First Amendment reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

“Abigail Pesta maliciously published a false article and glorified a pair of illegal drug users. Abigail Pesta’s racism against an American financier is shameless …”

Because the United States has courts of law and methods of adjudicating disputes, any case against Benjamin Wey or his counter suit against Abigail Pesta could go on for many years. Hearst and Abigail Pesta now have a fight on their hands in the form Benjamin Wey, who was misled by Cosmopolitan and Abigail Pesta and will not back down until justice has been served.

Abigail Pesta, Cosmopolitan and representatives of the Hearst Corporation have all mysteriously declined to be interviewed for this article. Readers wonder what they have to hide.

Jacob Jones is a contributing journalist for TheBlot Magazine.


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