A Third Grader’s Letter to Santa Would Melt Your Heart…

Give a voice to the voiceless!

A Third Grader’s Letter to Santa Would Melt Your Heart…

A third grader’s letter to Santa is a wish of love. A Boston teacher asks his third graders to write 10 letter to Santa throughout 2016. This is one example:

Dear Santa,

My teacher told us to write to you so I am writing to you. Tylor says that you don’t exist, but how can someone not exist if everyone tells the same story about you every year? Besides, if you didn’t exist, I’d read it in the news or watch it on TV so I think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Besides, Reading Rainbow tells your story! Why tell it on TV if it’s fake? Doesn’t that cost money?

I have a weird request. I know that you operate a very popular business in the North Pole but have you ever thought about expanding your business? Instead of just selling toys to kids, you could start doing clothes and books and cookies and stuff.

Think about it, Santa. I like audiobooks, but Tylor doesn’t like audio books. It’s wrong to force him to think of a toy he may or may not want? Besides, I can’t see well, anyway, so why not get me something I can hear? You’ve been selling toys to my house for years, but, can I tell you a secret? I can’t see well so step on them or break them. If you sell other things to other kids that are not toys, they get to use their product longer and they don’t need to write to you next year! Do you see how that makes sense?

Let’s take girls into account as well. Alice wrote to you asking for a movie. What use would she have with a video game or an army toy? I think that if you try my idea, maybe sit down in your office with your elves and talk it over, you all can make a new and improved shop!

If Alice has been good all year, then she should get what she wants. I don’t think she should get a toy she won’t enjoy.

Now, me! I’ve been extra good, so I want cookies. I also want that stuffed wishbone dog I never got. I think you misplaced that file in your office. He’s going to sleep with me, and he’s also going to eat lunch with me too! No one is going to have him except me. Because I’ve been extra good this year, it’s logical that I get extra stuff, if I understand your business correctly. I want a PlayStation

game. I want cookies, and I want that wishbone dog! Seriously, he’s so cute! Please Santa? I will love him forever and ever!

I hope you like my idea. I thought about it for many days! Consider it, please. If you do decide to adopt my new business, can you write to me or Mrs. Amanda? You have my address, and you know where my school is, so let me know? Okay? It’s just being nice to let me know, yes, or no. I have a question. Why do you never write back? Even to hear my side when I do something naughty?


Give a voice to the voiceless!

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