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Looking to escape winter? We are, too, so we tagged along with It's Fancy Events' founder Fancy Alexandersson's trip to the Indonesian Island of Bali. (It's Fancy Events photo)
Looking to escape winter? We are, too, so we tagged along with It’s Fancy Events’ founder Fancy Alexandersson’s trip to the Indonesian Island of Bali. (It’s Fancy Events photo)

It’s wintertime, and It’s Fancy Events is longing for a vacation. We are dreaming back to the warm Bali trip we had in November, which we took not only for work, but also for pleasure and a bit of relaxation. Our founder, Fancy Alexandersson, shares her amazing experience, recommendations on places to visit, hotels she tried, things to do and so much more.

I’ve seen many beautiful places around the world, and Bali is definitely one of the most beautiful tropical places I’ve seen. Besides the exotic nature that surrounds the Indonesian island, Bali is the perfect place to combine pleasure and relaxation at the many spa retreats with entertainment and culinary culture. I saw two sides of Bali: One that is untouched by the modernism, and a chic, fashionable side that can easily win over many of the luxurious surfaces of Europe.

(All photos courtesy It's Fancy Events)
(All photos courtesy It’s Fancy Events)

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For Party Lovers: Double-Six Hotel

One of the most fashionable venues in Bali is the Double-Six Hotel in Seminyak, where I stayed for two days. What a classy adventure! The location makes it a first choice for party lovers among all the hotels in the area, as it’s located on Bali’s most known beach stretch that is full of beach clubs and parties, with popular Cocoon Beach Club as a neighbor.

My first impression of the Double-Six can be described in one word: Luxury. From the impeccable service, lavish facilities, rooms and Hermès bath kits to the voluptuous menu of the hotel’s two restaurants, my stay was so stylish that it literally made me feel like a princess! I was incredibly welcomed into my two-bedroom leisure suite by a kind, professional butler.

Eating at the Double-Six Hotel was a delightful experience. Its main restaurant, Seminyak Italian Food, has a purely delicious menu. As the food lover that I am, it was difficult to pick just one item, so I almost ordered everything! The other eatery, The Plantation Grill, is a charming, glamorous venue with an incredible cuisine. My favorite foods, seafood and grilled meats, are the highlights of this place.

What impressed me the most is the Double-Six Rooftop, which is one of the world’s largest with more than 1,700 square meters (roughly 18,000 feet)! The view is amazing, and you can enjoy a large variety of cocktails. Another big plus at this hotel is the amazing outdoor pool, where you can swim, exercise or just enjoy the sun and cocktails. After a beach day, you can re-freshen yourself by spending some time in their luxurious Acqua Perla Spa. I absolutely loved the trendy interior of the spa, and the massage felt way too short. I could stay there forever!

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Relaxation & Sports: Puri Uluwatu Villas

Surfers, yoga lovers and people who are searching for a laid-back spot are all here. During my stay in the Puri Uluwatu Villas, I enjoyed the beautiful sound of the waves from the ocean, and I met a lot of cool people who were there for surfing as the reefs in Puri Uluwatu are a surfer’s paradise!

I practiced yoga almost everyday and had a good rest during the daytime and evening. A couple of nights a week and on weekends, there are some fun local parties with an easy going crowd. Go and hang loose!

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Secret escape: 7Seas Cottages

When you are in Bali, make sure you plan time for a trip to the Gili Islands, especially to Gili Air, which was my absolutely fave! The islands are only two hours away from Bali via a speed boat provided by local companies. A cheaper alternative is the ferry, which, at seven hours, is more of a whole-day cruise.

The beauty of Gili Air is its peacefulness, the happy and warm people and the fact that there are no vehicles on the island. Everyone must walk, ride a bike or a horse and cart. The island is so small you can walk its entirety in a few hours. With all the ocean around you and the view of other islands, you will witness the most fancy-licious sunsets. Enjoy with your beloved one or with your friends!

When I was on Gili Air, I stayed for two days in one of the lovely bungalows at 7Seas Cottages, which is the perfect choice for people who prefer a quiet vacation with an incredible view over the ocean (or an amazing romantic getaway for couples!).


Bali is indeed on our “Return To” list, and It’s Fancy Events will be back sooner than later because it’s absolutely “FANCYFIED!” We really recommend Bali for your winter vacation to escape these cold months.

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