7 Movies to Inspire Your ’90s Look — Besides ‘Clueless’

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7 Movies to Inspire Your '90s Look — Besides 'Clueless'

As we continue to bask in ’90s nostalgia (smell that? that’s Grass by GAP), let’s pay tribute to the most fashionable movies from the decade besides “Clueless.” Don’t get me wrong: I’ve always loved, and I always will love, Cher Horowitz and gang. In fact, my capricious, skinny 12-year-old self decided to change my hard-to-pronounce Chinese name to Alicia — after Ms. Silverstone — a week before seventh grade started. “Clueless” literally changed my life. However, when I think the ’90s, I think of so much more than one movie that 23-year-old fashion bloggers are obsessed with — and didn’t even see until 2003. Take it from the ultimate ’90s kid (believe me when I say that, I still listen to Candlebox) that there are plenty of other movies that will make you want to go shopping at Delia’s like it’s 1995. So take out your Pinterest boards and scroll through.

Singles (1992)

“Singles” was like a two-hour Pearl Jam music video, and you know what that means: a sea of plaid and fields of greasy, unkempt hair. Look at Bridget Fonda right there and tell me you don’t want to wear that exact outfit to brunch this weekend.


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Reality Bites (1994)

Many consider “Reality Bites” to be THE movie for Gen Xers. I for one could relate to the characters’ post-university torpor, when chain-smoking was an active hobby and we were somehow able to philosophize living with no heat. I guess I wasn’t the only one who could relate, because NBC is adapting the movie into a half-hour series. If that means we’ll be seeing more long floral dresses and colorful opaque tights, then count me in.

Empire Records (1995)

“Empire Records” made everyone want to work in a music store, because the employees were beautiful and there was no actual work involved. Besides, it’s not that easy to eat pot brownies and watch Gwar in the break room at Starbucks. As for the fashion, there was a character and style for every girl: are you the short skirts and mules type like sexually liberated Gina, the plaid skirt and Doc Martens type like hipster fantasy Corey, or the camisole and baggy pants type like fashionably depressed Deb?


The Doom Generation (1995)

Most people might not be familiar with “The Doom Generation,” which is a shame because Rose McGowan’s blunt bob in this movie > Uma Thurman’s in “Pulp Fiction.” Maybe it’s because McGowan pairs hers with retro cat-eye frames and plastic raincoats. Remember when all-plastic everything was cool?


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Hackers (1995)

Apparently, every good movie ever came out in 1995. “Hackers” captured that fleeting time period before Angelina Jolie went full goth. Her character was techno-goth, and somehow that is way, way more acceptable. Plus, those motocross jackets were really in at the time.

The Craft (1996)

Ugh. This movie was so good. We all wanted to be witches for, like, two weeks. One year after “Clueless” introduced the plaid skirt craze, we were all feeling ready to vamp it up and make it all goth. How very Rick Owens of us.

Jawbreaker (1999)

There was no better way to end the best decade ever than with Courtney Shayne. Again, Rose McGowan > everything else. “Jawbreaker” is the mean-girls movie to end all mean-girls movies — I don’t see Regina George going around and killing her friends. As for the fashion, Courtney’s clique wore the best that Contempo Casuals had to offer. And look how hot Judy Greer is as Vylette. Can we have hot Judy Greer back, please?

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