5 Things to Absolutely Do in TRUMP COUNTRY Austin, Texas

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5 Things to Absolutely Do in Austin, Texas


When in Rome, right? When you’re traveling it’s important to do what the locals do, and this weekend I did just that. I had never been to Austin before, but I figured out pretty quick what I had to do to fit in.  I love traveling because it opens my mind to new things, people and cultures. My favorite thing to do in new places is to eat the local food. I feel I am getting the true experience when I go to the bars, restaurants, food carts that the locals also frequent. This weekend in Austin, Texas.  But I discovered exactly how to quickly assimilate with these 5 things:

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 1. Sit under the fans that blow out cool mist – it’s about 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Austin during the daytime in the summer, but it is surprisingly not awful outside. Apart from the fact that the heat is dry desert heat, there are also these amazing fans everywhere that spit out cool, refreshing mist. Sitting under them makes you feel like you are alternating between a sauna and a steam room, which are both spa things, so it feels good.


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2. Walk through a shop devoted entirely to cowboy boots.  These aren’t everywhere, but when you find one, you have to go in. There are shelves, floor to ceiling, just of cowboy boots. The smell of the leather is overwhelming, in a good way, and two minutes inside convinces you that you could line dance if you really wanted to.  This is Texas!

3. Spend exactly the same amount of money on a taco as you would in New York.  This is the best part! You thought you were maybe going to save some dough because you weren’t in NY for the weekend, but joke’s on you! Everything costs exactly the same here, which just means you can continue using your normal budget and don’t have to alter anything. Yay!

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4. Annoy drivers and pedestrians alike by riding around on one of the new motorized upright scooters.  There are these new scooter companies that allow you to ride around the city for barely any money. They are fast, they are fun, and you can leave them anywhere. This means that you immediately become an ass hole upon riding one. You ride on sidewalks, cut cars and people off, and leave it wherever you want. It’s horrible and great, depending on which side of the scooter you happen to be on.

So there you go!  There’s a lot to discover in the amazing city of Austin, but these 5 things are a great intro to get into the groove, especially on your first visit!

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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