5 (Slightly) Impractical Things To Do with Your Tax Refund

It's tax day, do you know how you'll spend your refund? Here are five slightly indulgent ideas to get you started if you want to splurge instead of save.

It’s tax day, do you know how you’ll spend your refund? Here are five slightly indulgent ideas to get you started if you want to splurge instead of save.

With today, Wednesday, April 15 being tax day, many Americans might be anticipating getting some kind of refund check from the federal government. With as little as it might actually be, obviously you could do something boring or responsible with your tax return money, but why not splurge on something that you wouldn’t normally buy?

Come on, be a little irresponsible and enjoy the money while it’s there. Because if you’re anything like me and aren’t great with money or live in a horrendously expensive city, it will likely be gone in a matter of weeks anyway, so why not enjoy it while it lasts?

With that in mind, here are five ideas to get you started. Now go have fun and celebrate a year’s worth of hard work and paying taxes!


This one’s simple: Go to your local beer distributor and/or liquor store, get a couple of kegs and/or bottles, invite all your friends and Facebook contacts and just go for it. If you throw it right and end up with a lampshade on your head, you probably won’t remember it anyway, so that certainly would be a success.


Why not go hang gliding, bungee jumping, base-jumping or try another near-insane extreme “sport.” There won’t be another time — until next year — to try something crazy like that.


Try out that new fancy restaurant or go dancing and spend that cash like you are making it rain! Live it up because when it’s gone, you’ll be back to your normal probably boring life of going to work and commuting.


When will you get another chance to see that play you’ve been wanting to? Go splurge, it’s not like tax-refund season comes around every month (actually it’s exactly only one of out 12). So go ahead, see that Broadway show, opera or symphony. Soak up all the culture you can because when it’s over, you’ll be right back to the culture-less workaday and mostly drab world that is the norm. But the usual really ain’t so bad, and this way, you can have that memory the rest of the year — or try to impress people with your cultured tales until next April rolls around.


Now this one might not be as fun or exciting, but it’s more meaningful than the rest. There are so many worthy causes and people in need in the world, so if you absolutely don’t need the dough for yourself, family or a friend in need, how about making a donation to a charity that does work you think is important? You might even get a write-off next tax season, and afterward, you will feel like a million bucks — which is likely about a million times as much as you will be getting back from the government anyway.

Noah Zuss is a reporter for TheBlot Magazine.

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