5 Secrets to Keep Your Weight Stable, Especially On Vacation

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5 Secrets to Keep Your Weight Stable, Especially On Vacation


What do you usually do while on vacation? Most people may just go back and forth to eat, sleep, watch TV, and maintain that cycle as long as they can.  Indeed, a vacation is the perfect time to relax. But be careful, relaxing without controlling your diet can make your weight rise dramatically.  We’re talking big numbers!  So you need to do our best to keep your weight stable, especially as you decompress on a holiday.  Here are 5 secrets to help you do just that.  Seriously, these 5 secrets could be the difference in 20 pounds over two weeks.

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During holidays, sweet foods become a special attraction for some people. These sweet foods are usually desserts like cakes, chocolates, candies, or pudding.  But be careful, a variety of sweet foods can make gain weight really quickly. In fact, sweet foods are one of the main causes of obesity.  This is especially true on vacation!  So try to limit your vacation sweets, especially soda.  If you can go savory instead, make that choice and keep the extra pounds off.


Fruits and vegetables include low-calorie but high-fiber foods. That is, just eating fruits and vegetables can make us feel full, longer. This is certainly good news for those who want to keep their ideal body weight during a vacation.  The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that eating fruits and vegetables regularly can reduce the risk of obesity.  The more fruits and vegetables we eat, the lower the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


Tips for Resuscitating a Vacation


Eat early when you’re on vacation. In fact, eating earlier can help prevent us from eating like crazy.  Getting used to eating early makes it easier for us to control our calorie intake.

A study shows that eating early can help prevent weight gain during the holidays. In fact, other studies show that this habit can even help you lose weight.  So to be healthier, choose foods that contain high fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal. As a result, you become full faster and avoid eating a lot even while on vacation.  Early dinners also help increase our metabolism.  So don’t eat after 7!


Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to have a sports holiday. To maintain a stable body weight, try to keep sports on the vacation menu.  But there’s no need to bother looking for a gym or other fitness center. Just take the time to walk or jog around the hotel, beach, or vacation location while breathing fresh air.

The important thing is, make sure your body stays active for at least 15 minutes. Especially if you have just had a big meal with your family, calories and fat from food must be burned immediately with exercise.

If there are any available, invite children or family to swim in the hotel pool or exercise using a treadmill at the hotel gym. Earn those fancy vacation meals.


Find how much you weigh and find out on a regular basis. The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning, because the numbers that appear tend to more accurately describe your actual weight.  People who regularly weigh themselves often manage to keep their weight stable. They prove to be better at losing weight as well.  But don’t rush to despair if the scales go the wrong way. Use that as motivation to better control your diet and get some exercise.

So go on vacation, have fun and relax!  But use these 5 secrets to keep your waistline where it needs to be.

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