5 Face Care Tips for Active Women

5 Face Care Tips for Active Women


Being active in various activities often makes a woman forget to take care of herself, including taking care of her facial skin. In fact, dust and sweat that accumulate during the while active can be harmful to a woman’s skin health.  Many poor effects can happen on our skin if you do not clean it after a day full of activity. You can get acne and the skin of your face can become dull looking.  To make sure that you appear at your best and you don’t have something horrid like acne, active women need to make it their routine to take care of their facial skin.  So here are 5 face skin care tips anyone can easily do both before and after your sweaty activities.

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Immediately wash your face as soon as you wake up.  This is especially important if you forgot to clean your face the night before. This is key to remove the oil that accumulates while you sleep.

It’s also important to wash your face when you get home every day to remove any dirt or grime that’s on your face.  You should routinely wash your face twice a day.  That helps to keep your skin tone even, prevent breakouts and prevent any excess oil buildup.  For best results, use lukewarm water and a facial soap best suited to your facial skin.


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Before applying makeup, apply a facial moisturizer that matches your skin type. Moisturizer is useful to hydrate your skin and to restore the natural oil and moisture lost while you were active XXX.


If you do a lot of outdoor activities, then you are obliged to protect the skin with sun screen before leaving the house. The reason, excessive sunlight can cause black spots, irritate the skin, and cause the risk of skin cancer.

Use a special sun screen face 20 minutes before leaving the house so it is well absorbed by the skin. Select sun screen containing SPF 30 or more for longer protection period. Do not forget to reapply every 2 or 3 hours once yes, especially if you move outdoors.


The face still needs care until you are ready to sleep. It aims to maintain healthy skin during your sleep. Use a night cream that serves as a moisturizer and can keep skin hydrated throughout the night.


Do not think that not cleaning the makeup all day has no harm to the skin. Makeup mixed with dust and dirt can cause acne if left alone. Therefore, do not forget to clean the makeup with makeup remover and facial cleanser soap lifting makeup, dirt, and oil.

So, keep your facial skin to stay beautiful and free of acne yes! Guaranteed, you will be more confident in daily activities.  These 5 face care tips can help every woman, active or not.

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