4 Reasons to use OLA over UBER

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4 Reasons to use OLA over UBER Drivers


An Indian start-up is attempting to overtake Uber using some ingenuity and creative thinking coming out of the different needs of Indian customers. All too often I have wished there was something other than Uber, and even other than Lyft sometimes. There are moments when I don’t want just the normal car-ride or ride-share, but I want to pay quickly in cash or just support a company that pays its drivers higher wages and treats everyone more fairly. Well, Ola seems to be what I was wishing for! Here are 5 reasons you should switch to Ola (if you live in Australia or India, the only two countries currently being served by the new ride-hail app)!!

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  1. The company only takes 7.5 percent of drivers’ wages whereas Uber takes 20-25 percent. This means that Ola drivers are taking home a much larger chunk of change than Uber drivers.
  2. Ola provides some much-needed competition for Uber, which has had a monopoly on ride-sharing in Australia so far. Monopolies are generally outlawed because they breed indifference and exploitation, and Uber is guilty of both of these.
  3. The new drivers are so pleased with their new wages that they are promoting the app themselves. They often tell their Uber customers that their rides would have been cheaper if they had booked on Ola instead.
  4. It is not Uber, which makes it already a million times better.
  5. Lyft sucks, Uber sucks, GETT sucked, JUNO sucks too.  They all suck and keep sucking the life out of drivers and passengers. It’s time for a change in this non regulated service industry.

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Now all we need is for them to start a new version of OlaEats. That would really take the cake.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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