3 Things to Do First Before You Go on Vacation

3 Things to Do First Before You Go on Vacation


The worst is when you get off the plane and realize you don’t have something essential that you can’t get in the place you have just arrived. Don’t do stupid shit like that. Prepare, and you will be fine.  Just do these simple 3 things first and your vacation will be stress free.

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Here are some things you can do to make life on your trip even more enjoyable:

1. Build your own custom Google Map – this is the BEST when you are roaming around a city you don’t know and remember your friend told you about their favorite restaurant there. You can’t use data, too expensive, so you can’t search the email thread where they sent it to you. If only it was built into your Google Map! Another great aspect of building your own map, is that then you have a visual of everything you want to do and where everything is. This means you can organize your limited time around places and their proximity to each other.

2. Get an app that will organize all of your travel-related items into one streamlined timeline. These apps are free and can show you your Airbnb, your museum tickets, and your rental car reservations all in one section so that you don’t lose them or struggle to find them when you’re there. This is helpful to stay organized on your trip and also to avoid the classic panicked traveler mode when you’re scrolling and scrolling and just can’t find what you need.


I went on Vacation to Italy and Stayed for 4 Years!

3. Make some spreadsheets that will keep you organized. It’s always good to have everything in one place, and now you can. Just make new tabs for the different sections that seem most important to you. For me, the tabs are “About,” “Packing list,” “Restaurants,” “Shopping,” and “Other Important Things.” You can make yours be whatever you want, but mine are pretty good. So maybe you should just use mine.

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