2020: The Future Sucks Big Time! What Are Our Options?

2020: The Future Sucks Big Time! What Are Our Options?


The midterms haven’t even happened yet and our Dems are gearing up big time for 2020. This isn’t a bad thing, this is just a fact. HOWEVER. How do we feel about the people we are going to have to trust to take our country back? Back from the brink of destructions/insanity/nuclear war? Let’s take a look.   I am personally VERY excited about all of these potential future candidates. They are all different, but they each offer something new and exciting in their own right. Let’s take a gander at who these hero options are.

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1. Senator Elizabeth Warren – faithful Dem, staunch activist, Warren is a fighter until the end. She persisted, remember? And maybe she will persist again. She is a young 69 and ready to lead the charge against our (barf) president. She wants to unify us, but that doesn’t mean she denies us radicals all the way to the left. I have never felt like she was creeping towards the middle just to appease the Dems who love money too much. She would be fearless, and I would vote for her.

2. Senator Bernie Sanders – Bernie proved he can start a revolution. He almost did in 2016, and his messages of single-payer healthcare and free college have erupted across the nation and drawn large, broad appeal. These are all good things. He is, however, 76. This is old for someone who might be in power eight years (god willing). It will be up to us to decide whether we believe he is the one for the task.


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3. Former Vice President Joe Biden – Biden has spent years denying his potential candidacy only to start creeping into frame now. He must realize, however, that the old way of doing things is not going to work anymore. And do we really need another white cis-male in the White House? The answer is no, even though I have never cried more during late night talk shows than when he has been on.

4. Senator Kamala Harris – a Bay Area transplant, Harris is younger than her potential rivals, and she is a person of color. A woman of color in the White House is, in fact, EXACTLY what this country needs, and Harris has not made it a secret that she plans to run. I would be ecstatic to vote for her. Those videos of her kicking ass in senate hearing just never get old.

5. Senator Cory Booker – Booker is the youngest of the front-runners, at a hearty 49, but he has pulled his weight recently in helping southern Democrats win big and in successful social media pushes that have given him great press and notoriety. Booker is a great speaker who represents the people and families of inner cities, and I would be proud to vote for him too.

We have a lot of choices to make in the coming months and years, but if these are the candidates lining up to serve, I know we will be able to survive.  2020 is gonna be a big time election.  The future is at stake.  Vote!

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