20 Reasons why you Might be a Hipster #metoohipster

20 Reasons why you Might be a Hipster #metoohipster


I know I’m a hipster and it SUCKS. I wish I could change, but I just can’t. The coconut water is too good.

I didn’t know what a hipster was until I moved to San Francisco. Then I learned. I saw them roaming the streets in beanies, expensive suits and hiking boots, and I thought, wow, I will NEVER become these people. I will NEVER be one of them. Boy, was I wrong. Here are just some of the ways that I have become a full-fledged hipster.

1.  I don’t use shampoo or conditioner.

2.  I wash my face with the same organic bar of soap I use on my body.

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3.  I buy expensive coconut water and can’t even handle the taste of any other kind, except the water that literally comes out of an actual coconut.

4.  I wear a Carhartt beanie

5.  I have high-top leather vans

6.  I wear collared shirts with sweaters

7.  I drink almond milk exclusively

8.  I don’t think five dollars is too much to pay for coffee

9.  I only drink espresso

10.  I only eat organic food

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11.  I refuse to drink anything with high-fructose corn syrup in it

12.  But I will eat A LOT of just normal sugar

13.  I don’t drink sodas but I almost exclusively drink sparkling water

14.  I own a soda stream

15.  I love new fancy drinks that are tasty but never too sweet

16.  I have an expensive backpack because I like that it will last forever, it is waterproof AND it looks business-y

17.  I work on my apple laptop on the subway

18.  I don’t really listen to music anymore because all my travel time is taken up learning things from various podcasts

19.  I wear my partner’s clothes sometimes. He identifies as a man and uses male pronouns and I identify as a woman and use female pronouns.

20.  I say things like #19

Sorry…oh well…not sorry…………..never mind, still sorry. Still 20 Reasons.

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