1,000 Human Teeth Found in Wall in Valdosta, Georgia

1,000 Human Teeth Found in Wall in Valdosta, Georgia


Well, this is a weird mystery.  I never heard of Valdosta, Georgia, before.  But I’ll remember it now.  Evidently it’s big enough to have a downtown.  That’s where someone was renovating a building.  Now that’s not so unusual or strange.  But they found hundreds (hundreds!) of human teeth inside its walls.  Now that’s some really strange shit right there.  But this discovery happened right before Halloween, of course.  They made the discovery in the Converse building, which is located on Patterson Street next to Bennie’s Alley.  That sounds like Harry Potter, eh?

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City staff said that when workers went to knock out a wall on the building’s second floor, they had a shock.  Nearly 1,000 human teeth erupted out.  So can you imagine standing there with a sledgehammer?  That’s not something anyone sees every day.  Or, like, ever.  So downtown Valdosta is an exciting place, sort of.  City officials have been trying ever since to figure out just what the building’s history really is.  Why were these human teeth in the walls?  And why almost 1,000 of them?


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Maybe it’s because there were dentists’ offices there from 1900 thru about 1950?  Maybe.  But for now, the mystery continues.  So what else is there to do now?  The Lowndes County Historical Society plans to do DNA testing on all the teeth shortly.  But  will that only give us more questions?  Or will there be tantalizing answers?  Interestingly, several other cities have said that similar discoveries have been made.  And where?  You guessed it, old dentist offices.  For me, that just makes this a little bit more disturbing.  What in the hell were these old dentists up to?  Why would you store masses of human teeth behind your walls?

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