10 Things Women Were Not Allowed To Do Before the 1970s

10 Things Women Were Not Allowed To Do Before the 1970s


So do you remember a simpler time when women didn’t really look for jobs because they weren’t allowed to have a lot of them? Me neither! So thank god for the 70s.  But every time I think back just 50 years ago I am amazed at how different the world was. Computers barely existed, McDonald’s still had real animal-grease fries, and women just stayed in the home and had lots and lots of babies! Crazy times. So here are 10  things, among so many others, that women could not do (either by law or social standard) until the 1970s:

1. Keep her job if she was pregnant – it wasn’t until the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978 women could be legally fired for being pregnant

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2. Report cases of sexual harassment in the workplace – courts would not recognize sexual harassment as a real and legal reason to sue someone until 1977 and didn’t take it seriously until decades later when men started finally getting sacked after acting like dicks for decades

3. Be acknowledged in the Boston Marathon.  So it was only in 1972 were women finally allowed to race alongside men, and even today they do not race using the same standards (not quite there on this one, but maybe someday)

4. Get a credit card – we had to wait for the Equal Credit Opportunity Act in 1974 to be able to get our own credit cards! (What did they think we were going to do with them? Period all over them?)


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5. Refuse to have sex with their husbands – because back then your husband could not legally rape you and why would you ever want to say no anyway? Tired? Nahhh. Having period pains? Who cares! Pregnant? Even better!

6. Compete as a boxer in the Olympics – only in 2012 could women finally compete in this category WTF!?!?!?!

7. Get a divorce with some degree of ease – it used to be extremely difficult for a woman to ask for a divorce, and now all she has to do have the money to get a divorce (equality???)!

8. Celebrate International Women’s Day – which was established in 1980!

9. Have a legal abortion in most states – which is slowly starting to return. But we can FIGHT!

10. Live a dignified existence – we are doing better now.  But we are not there yet…at all…in the least…but it’s better…I admit it.

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