10 Stress-Free Summer Skincare Tips

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Here are 10 simple skincare tips to protect your outer layer for those times when you can't hide from summer with the blinds drawn and the AC on high.
Here are 10 simple skincare tips to protect your outer layer for those times when you can’t hide from summer with the blinds drawn and the AC on high.

Everyone — or maybe only fun people — enjoys spending time outdoors in the summer. But with that fun also come the potential dangers and damage of overexposure to the sun.

These dangers are no reason to stay indoors with the blinds closed and the air conditioner cranked up so high the energy bill will cost a small fortune, but they should remind us all to be careful and take skincare precautions while being outside in the summer.

Even if you are only outside briefly running to the grocery store, exercising or weeding the garden, the sun’s harmful rays can burn you and overexposure can increase chances of developing skin cancer. To be safe at the beach, pool or playground, observe these 10 skincare tips that will ensure you and your children never end up looking like orange-piqued members of the “Jersey Shore” television series.



Sunscreens to shield your skin from direct contact with the sun’s ultraviolet rays are a must. Make sure the product can filter both UVA and UVB light, has an SPF of at least 15 and provides broad-spectrum protection with compounds like zinc and titanium oxides.


Wide-brimmed hats deflect, dark-colored clothes absorb UV light and tightly knit clothes can prevent harmful penetration of the sun’s rays. There are also clothes available that contain SPF protection to act like a sunscreen.


Covering your peepers with sunglasses can protect them from premature degeneration, reddening to the whites of eyes and guard against developing cataracts. Optometrists also advise that the bigger the shades the better, as more eye coverage prevents light from reaching and harming the back of the eye.


Spray-on self-tanners are a much safer way to get bronzed than by exposure to the direct dangerous rays of a tanning booth. Tanning pills not only sound like a terrible idea, they are also not FDA approved and can cause eye discoloration.


For the ladies or anyone who just wants a rosy-red cheek, some mineral-based makeups and darker foundations can help protect the face. But these are in addition to sunscreen — makeups are not meant as replacements.

hot sun


After getting wet and sweaty, check you skin for redness to gauge when to reapply sunscreen. Most dermatologists advise reapplying every two hours depending on exposure and vulnerability to sunburn.


Different skin types require different types of care, duh! It’s that simple, but also a lot more complicated. With more information — other than redheads who should stay inside — individuals can find out more than ever about the specific subtleties of care for their outer layer. Is it oily, dry, sensitive, resistant or wrinkled? These various details can clue individuals into what products will give the best skincare results.


After spending time in the sun, remember to treat and repair that damage with moisturizers and aloe. With use, your skin will not only itch and peel less, applying these products to warm skin (especially if kept cool) feels great.


Keeping properly hydrated helps your body keep a critical moisture balance. Drinking lots of water also prevents dehydration, which can cause dizzy spells, headaches and dehydration.


Everyone wants to show off their most-excellent epidermis at the beach, basketball court or park this summer. Before you get bold, though, scrub yourself down with an exfoliator. This will remove dead skin and unclog pores for proper absorption of moisturizers and other skin regenerators.

Noah Zuss is a reporter for TheBlot Magazine

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