10 Fashion Instagrams You Must Follow Now

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10 Fashion Instagrams You Must Follow Now

So, we have to admit, narrowing this list down to 10 Instagrams was a pretty difficult task. We scanned the filtered-photo world to find our favorite accounts, looking for the best in clothing and accessories pics, exclusive access to the fashion industry, and the most personable Instagrammers. Check them out:

1. Eva Chen, @evachen212

What you’ll see: Pristine manicures, dreamy shoes and interactions with famous friends.

Eva Chen took the helm at Lucky Magazine not even a full year ago, but the fashionista was an Instagram star long before her EIC title. With signature photos including must-have beauty products, her fresh manicures and morning cab ride photos — featuring her accessories of the day — Chen is a social media maven. But aside from her fun photos with celebrity friends, and all those swoon-worthy shoes, what we love most about Chen and her Instagram is that despite her 170K followers, she still finds the time to interact with her fans in the comments section.

2. Aimee Song, @songofstyle

What you’ll see: Street style, breathtaking California views and plenty of delicious treats.

As the blogger behind website Song of Style, 26-year-old Aimee Song and her impeccable fashion sense have a huge Instagram following — 1.3 million — and all for a good reason. Between posting photos of her Chanel bags, Christian Louboutin heels and Fashion Week ensembles, Song shares snaps of her day-to-day, even if that day-to-day means beautiful ocean views and stacks of macarons.

3. Giovanna Battaglia, @bat_gio

What you’ll see: High fashion, elite parties, and behind-the-scenes magazine happenings.

Giovanna Battaglia is a contributing fashion editor at W Magazine and senior fashion editor at Vogue Japan, not to mention one of the most recognizable street-style stars out there. With A-list friends and a prime spot in the fashion set, Battaglia is living the dream. Lucky for us, her Instagram gives us a sneak peak into the chicest dream out there.

4. Man Repeller, @manrepeller

What you’ll see: Funky accessories, the result of fashion meeting pure wit.

Blogger, author and funny woman Leandra Medine has received plenty of recognition for her blog, The Man Repeller — dubbed a humorous website for high fashion — and her role as a trendsetter earned her a spot in Forbes, so it’s no surprise that her Instagram is a must-follow. Go for her funky, unique outfits; stay for her funny commentary.

5. Cara Delevingne, @caradelevingne

What you’ll see: Goofy selfies and photos with her BFFL Karl Lagerfeld.

If you don’t already follow Cara Delevingne’s Instagram, you’re missing out. The model has a penchant for funny faces and capturing one-of-a-kind moments — in fact, during February’s Fashion Week, she took several Instagram videos of herself mid-catwalk strut. She may be one of the busiest models in the world, but with her playful photos and good humor, it’s no surprise that Delevingne has 4.8 million Instagram followers.

6. The Coveteur, @thecoveteur

What you’ll see: The hottest clothing and accessories arranged in clever ways.

The Coveteur is a website/blog known for its behind-the-scenes access to luxury fashion, and its Instagram account is a much-appreciated extension of its eye-catching site. It’s nothing new to feature photos of the latest market finds, but The Coveteur takes it to the next level, with all the season’s must haves arranged and photographed in unique setups.

7. Getty, @gettyfashion

What you’ll see: Professional fashion photos.

Getty is the photo service responsible for all those great runway photos you see every Fashion Week, so it goes without saying that their fashion Instagram is one of the chicest accounts out there. Sure, countless other Instagrams capture the beauty of street style and runway fashion, but Getty’s professional photographers get the angles and image quality you won’t get elsewhere.

8. The Sartorialist, @thesartorialist

What you’ll see: Street style at its finest.

Street style wouldn’t be what it is today without photographer Scott Schuman and his blog, The Sartorialist. Schuman has an eye for beauty in the every day, and his Instagram includes everything from snaps of random pedestrians rockin’ fabulous outfits to photos from his global travels.

9. Stella Bugbee, @stellabugbee

What you’ll see: Funky hats and shoe porn.

As the editorial director of New York Magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut, Stella Bugbee sees the newest fashion and beauty items before most people do. After following Bugbee’s Instagram, we’re pretty sure she has one of the coolest jobs out there, not to mention one ridiculously awesome shoe collection. A bonus: cute photos of her kids.

10. Refinery 29, @refinery29

What you’ll see: Lots of color and some excellently curated videos.

Refinery 29 is a lifestyle site, but its fashion vertical is off-the-charts good, so we couldn’t not include them on this list. It’s difficult to describe the range of fun content featured on Refinery 29’s Instagram — think pineapple cake and beaches — but let’s just say that it’s bound to make you wish you worked there.

Give a voice to the voiceless!

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