RODDY BOYD EXPOSED – Fraud ‘Journalist’ Trashes Companies, Bribed by Jon Carnes Crime Family


Roddy Boyd Took Many Bribes to Make Noise For Illegal Stock Short Sellers. Roddy Boyd was CAUGHT as A Member of the Jon Carnes Crime Family 

Roddy Boyd, stock fraudster, lieutenant of the Jon Carnes crime family caught pants down by law enforcement. Roddy Boyd is a known stock fraud.

RODDY BOYD, STOCK FRAUD PAID TO TRASH COMPANIES, FRAUD EVIDENCE IS (here), Roddy Boyd BRIBED by criminal Jon Carnes to publish false articles, played regulators like bunch of idiots

The evidence against illegal stock short sellers Roddy Boyd, a member of the Jon Carnes stock fraud crime family and his mob boss Jon Carnes is here: Tabloid Roddy Boyd Bribed by Jon Carnes Crimes Family, Implicated in Fraud, Evidence Surfaced.

Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, the Product of a Toilet Experience

Roddy Boyd is the owner and publisher of an obscure Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, an online trash conceived in the criminal Jon Carnes’s bath room to tarnish American companies in orchestrated stock manipulation schemes.

Meet crack head Roddy Boyd, in the murky world of illegal stock short sellers, someone out there is making a rusty, loud noise, barking hard like a bitch trying to seek the attention of anything that has ears. The noise comes from a notorious tabloid market manipulator named Roddy Boyd, an obscure rumor mill with a balding head and a heavy beer soaked belly. As TheBlot Magazine’s investigators have previously exposed, Roddy Boyd is a con man implicated in multiple frauds.



There is abundant evidence that shows that Boyd makes a living taking bribes from stock short sellers in exchange for writing false articles about America’s public companies.

Illegal stock selling is the distortion of a company’s business in order to drive down its share price so that stock short sellers make money from panicking selling investors in the public market.

According to investigators, FBI agents in New York have been investigating the curiously close links between Boyd’s stories and his father, Michael Boyd’s, short selling stock positions for years. The father-son dealings have allowed the pair to reap tens of millions of dollars in illicit profits. FBI agents are suspicious of the Boyd family’s alleged lengthy “short and distort” stock manipulating schemes that may have spanned a decade.

“Roddy Boyd is dirty. There is a file on him,” stated a former supervising agent of the FBI in New York. (Photo: market manipulator fraud Roddy Boyd)



Roddy Boyd, The Making of a So-Called “Muckraker” – Roddy Boyd Stock Fraud Scheme Exposed

Six hundred miles south of Manhattan on the map you will find Wilmington, N.C. If you drive up to 508 John S. Mosby Drive, you will see a shining Toyota Prius parked outside the neatly put-together family home of Roddy Boyd.

Born on April 18, 1968 under the birth name Roderick Stewart Boyd, the 45-year-old white male hides his real identity by using a New York City cell phone number. Boyd’s father is the notorious hedge fund stock short seller Michael Boyd, a 73-year-old man living in a $10 million mansion in Greenwich, Conn.

A die-hard fan of famed singer Rod Stewart, Michael Boyd named his son “Rod Stewart Boyd,” nicknamed “Roddy Boyd.”

Galaxies away from the singing talents of Rod Stewart, Boyd has discovered his own way of “singing” as an undisclosed paid tabloid writer. Boyd has made a living praising illegal stock short sellers through his glowing articles. All the while, the public and regulators had no idea that Boyd was being paid millions of dollars over the years by market manipulators in exchange for trashy articles on America’s companies — the same companies that the short sellers have established short positions against.

Boyd is a notorious front man for Wall Street’s gang of stock manipulators, exemplified by the con man Jon Carnes, a criminal who has paid Boyd to write false articles on America’s public companies and shamelessly manipulated the American public — that is, until Carnes was capture by law enforcement. Securities regulators issued a December 2013 press release on his indictment. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the FBI assisted in the capture of con man Jon Carnes, a donor to Roddy Boyd.

The Boyd household is packed with illegal payment receipts from some of the most notorious stock manipulators on Wall Street and elsewhere. At the top of the short seller mafia list of “donors” is the notorious Jon Carnes, a South Carolina militia man living in Vancouver, Canada. Under pressure from regulators, Roddy Boyd admitted he was on the payroll of the mob boss Jon Carnes as well as other criminals.

short seller criminal jon carnes

JON CARNES, Mob Boss, Jon Carnes Crime Family, caught by the FBI and the SEC.

Securities Regulators Catch Stock Fraud Jon Carnes, Criminal 

On Dec. 19, 2013, officials at the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Securities and Exchange (SEC), put out a press release, detailing fraud charges against Carnes. The Canadian regulators had this to say about the con man:

“BCSC alleges that beginning in 2010, Carnes began writing negative reports about issuers traded on a North American exchange with business operations in China. Carnes attempted to profit from his negative reports by shorting the issuer’s securities before publishing the negative report, and then covering his short position after the issuer’s share price dropped in response to his negative report. When two mining experts failed to support his theory and with his put options about to expire, staff maintains that Carnes wrote a false negative report about Silvercorp and published it anonymously on September 13, 2011 on, a financial blog controlled by fraudster Jon Carnes.”

The BCSC continued: “The BCSC wishes to thank the Division of Enforcement of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the FBI for its assistance throughout the Jon Carnes investigation.”

Details of frauds committed by Carnes were exposed in an investigative article titled “Catching Fraud Jon Carnes, the Real-Life Wolf of Wall Street.” Evidence has surfaced that Boyd was a co-conspirator in Carnes’s frauds — Carnes has allegedly paid Boyd more than $100,000 in bribe money to write false articles that benefited Carnes’s illegal short selling schemes.

Roddy Boyd, Fraud Criminal Attacked Investigative Journalists and Tricked a Gay Man Alex Geana into Lying

Since investigators started investigating into the corruption surrounding financial regulators and biased business reporters, stock fraudster Roddy Boyd, who happens to run in the same tight circle as some of our subjects, has been making his usual noise, trying desperately to cover up his stealth track.



In order to make his stories sound credible, Roddy Boyd fabricated and published a so-called “personal statement” allegedly from a former independent contractor and part time photographer of TheBlot Magazine – Voice for the Voiceless. In early February 2014, Roddy Boyd published an article in which the contractor was quoted as saying he had left TheBlot because he had disagreed with the publication of investigative articles on Dune Lawrence. In reality, the investigative article exposing a racist Dune Lawrence was conceived well after the contractor’s departure, which had absolutely nothing to do with anything related to investigations on Dune Lawrence. Both the contractor – the sensational gay man Alex Geana and the fraudster Roddy Boyd had lied to the American public.

Roddy Boyd, Bribed by Criminal Jon Carnes

Little did Alex Geana know that Boyd has been on the payroll and in the same circles of the very subjects TheBlot has been investigating. Could Boyd have used the contractor as a scapegoat to hide Roddy Boyd’s shady dealings — the “donations” or in fact bribes from criminal Carnes, evidence shows, the short and distort schemes, the collaborations on multiple biased, false articles with Lawrence, etc? To use our own colleague against us seems like a desperate tactic whose only purpose is to hide Roddy Boyd’s own culpability.

How dirty is Roddy Boyd? The investigations on criminal Roddy Boyd continue…

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